what we do

We Turfgrass offer professional distribution and install of artificial grass in Kenya. We carry out the whole process of measurements taking , design and installation giving the most quality and pocket friendly services and products in the market currently. 

how we do it

Contact us and gives us the measurements so as to get a quote or invite us to take  the measurements. Installation and measurements taking can be done on the same day.

Areas of consideration

Basically the artificial grass, as the name suggests, in not real grass, its simply synthetic fibers that look like grass. They don’t require water, soil or sunlight and have a low maintenance cost. Mostly they are used in places where sunlight is not available or in severe and rough terrains. They can be washed easily and are not effected by water thus they are also used on pool sides


Compare to natural grass,turf is the best you can get for residential as well as commercial purposes. We definitely have something for your space. 

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