Creating beautiful spaces with artificial grass and exterior decor


what we do

We specialize in the supply and installation of interior and exterior décor of good quality products that breads to transformation of spaces

We offer professional distribution and install of artificial grass in Kenya. We carry out the whole process of measurements taking , design and installation giving the most quality and pocket friendly services and products in the market currently. 

how we do it

Contact us and gives us the measurements so as to get a quote or invite us to take  the measurements. Installation and measurements taking can be done on the same day.

Areas of consideration


Play Areas


Back Yards

Football Pitch. 


Distribution and installation of Turfgrass. 
Distribution and installation of wall to wall carpets. 
Distribution and installation of expendables and a pool of other décor products. 


You could send us the measurements and we give you a quote but we also offer site visits for measurements ,quotations amd installation.

Up to 10 years plus depending on its traffic.

Yes. Site visit,measurements taking and installation can be done in one set up.

Its very comfortable ,soft to the skin and no irritation at all. You can literally lie on it and fall asleep. Children friendly. 

We organize distribution and installation country wide.

What Our customers say

Turfgrass can install this in your home playground, balcony, patio, back and front yard, gazebo, restaurant, lounge, creative space, office waiting area, football or golf field etc. They come and take measurements and can even install SAME DAY upon request Trust me it’s worth it!


Loved their before and after customer service,definetly looking forward to working againg with Turfrass Ke.

Mercy Mumo

We located at



 Max Shopping Mall. F10

Contact us

Call or leave us a note and we will get back to you as soon as possible